Sturgis Vintage Cycle is a shop and a lifestyle dedicated to the art of Vintage and Antique Motorcycles and the Lifestyle th Motorcycles have always been in my blood. I was put on a bike younger than I can remember. My Grandfather loved motorcycles and made sure that I would too. I could barely read but he would strap a helmet on me, throw me on the back of the bike, and we would ride for days; sometimes states away. We also built many bikes together, some that I have to this day. I cannot count the number of bikes I’ve owned in my life, anything from a dirt bikes, scooters, street bikes, and collectibles; there has never been a time that I did not own one. My love has grown over the years though, particularly with antique motorcycles and parts. I had the opportunity to ride in the 2014 Motorcycle Cannonball which gave me an even stronger appreciation for the beautiful machines of days past. I have a personal desire to preserve this history and connect with others that share the same passion.

Mission Statement

To preserve, restore, maintain, and love antique motorcycles. To connect those that share the same appreciation. To dedicate the highest level of service to customers and fellow vintage enthusiasts.


  • Sales: Sale of antique, vintage and unique motorcycles and automobiles.
  • Parts: Sale of parts, and will also help you locate that hard to find part you need.
  • Broker: Need someone to broker the sale of your motorcycle or car? Eliminate your worries and let me handle your sale. Sturgis Vintage Cycles is also able to purchase that special machine you are looking for at auctions, private sales, etc. I have over 20 years’ experience buying and selling, so you can be assured that your interest is also my interest.
  • Special Events: Sturgis Vintage Cycles consults and assists in organizing rides, swap meets, meet and greet events, planning meetings, auctions, and other related occasions.