Dinosaur Bobber Still a Viable Street Machine

Way back when men were men and sheep were afraid, and political correctness had yet to rear it’s ugly head, motorcycle riding was for a few tough guys and a few rugged women. Motorcycles of the early 1950’s were no nonsense, kick-start only iron with few if any frills. America’s existing super-speed interstate highway system wasn’t even a twinkle in President Eisenhower’s eye, and gasoline was less than 15 cents per gallon everywhere. Motorcycles were economic fair-weather transportation for those men and women who loved the sun on their face and the wind in their hair!! No one can possibly ever know exactly when the first Harley-Davidson or Indian motorcycle became a custom chopped or bobbed street machine, but the stripped street bike trend started during the 1950’s, at least that’s the most popular consensus. Young, motorcycle riding men who came back from wartime duty in either the European Theatre or Pacific Theater were riding American war surplus machines that were both cheap and plentiful, those two adjectives almost always appearing in the same descriptive zone.

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